Developing people is the engine for the development of humanity (AIZ 2010). The intention to "develop" people and organizations in international contexts requires much more than a "quick workshop". LochTCR is specialized in sustainable capacity building for developmental cooperation, migration and integration. This always requires a multi-level approach, considering individual, institutional and systemic requirments.

Consulting projects for international human resource development have been implemented in recent years in Germany, France, Indonesia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Haiti with the following partners:


Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit

Decentralization in Indonesia requires the qualification of key actors in the local financial management system. LochTCR was in charge of capacity building measures on the ground, together with the major stakeholders in seven training institutions (including coaching, concept development and high potential support). In India, strategy developments for the German-Indian energy program were facilitated (capacity works); In Azerbaijan local staff were methodically qualified for participatory work with Environmental Education Centers.



As Senior Project Manager of the Leadership & Communication program (LCCNR) in Timor-Leste LochTCR was responsible for integrating old and future leaders in a national dialogue process.


German Federal Ministry for Economic Coopertion and Development

In the framework of  political developments in 2010, a fact finding mission was sent to East Timor consisting of representatives from major German developmental organizations. Comissioned by the BMZ, Loch TCR developed the survey design and coordinated the dialogue locally leading to a comprehensive analysis about East-Timor in relation to regional ASEAN dynamics.


German Bundeswehr

For leadership courses in the Civil Academy of German Armed Forces (BizBW) the high relevance of the topics "ethnicity, religion and culture" is increasingly recognized. Both, the cross-cultural debriefing  as well as the anticipatory discussion of possible conflict scenarios, play an important role. LochTCR works here with Pakistani experts of Kulturdialog in Berlin.


United Nations

Responsible for Civil Affairs in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the focus was on (1) Facilitation and Monitoring, (2) conflict management and (3) post conflict statebuilding - which was interlinked with sustainable HR development.


Indonesian Finance Ministry

A roadmap for establishing sustainable structures in local finance management trainings was developped by LochTCRin cooperation with the Indonesian Finance Ministry, the German GIZ and various international experts.


Presidency of Timor Leste

After establishing its first Human Ressource Information Systems (HRIS) and conducting an employee survey,  LochTCR developed  a competency model and a mordern HR-strategy with the HR-department of the presidential administration. The focus was on culturally sensitive performance incentive systems and sustainable training practice.


GFA Consulting Group

Good economists are by no means automatically good facilitators of academic know-how for practice. Advising professors and lecturers in Indonesia focused on the interface of content and methodology for the implementation of new GFA modules.


Center for Endangered Languages Documentation/Max-Planck Institut/Volkswagenstiftung

 In the Indonesian part of Papua, over 200 endangered languages​ and cultures still exist. Based on a feasibility study, LochTCRestablished procedures for sustainable documentation work with local teachers, students and researchers on the island of Yapen in collaboration with Indonesian and international researchers. After the successful acquisition of external funding, a Center for Endangered Languages Documentation was specifically set up at the State University UNIPA.


Instituto Cathólico para Formaçao de Professores

 The years 2002-2005 were dedicated to the reconstruction of the small island of Timor-Leste. Following independence, the country lacked qualified teachers; as a result German development aid organizations substantially supported their training and further education. Aside from international human resource development, work as adviser addressed cross-cutting issues such as gender, poverty, trauma therapy and impact measurement.



In the Lufthansa Service Holding AG topics such as "quality", "hygiene" and "service" are pivotal. In cross-culturall comparison the concepts related to these key factors are by no means anywhere in the world the same. The cabin crew, as well as top managers need specific knowledge to deal with customers in the Arab region. LochTCR cooperated here with 'Global Diversity Leadership Award winner', Dr. G. Kratochwil.


Diakonie Bayern

Conflicts in refugee accomodations are becoming increasingly common. Commissioned by the Diakonie Bayern, a concept for the culture-sensitive strengthening of de-escalation strategies was developed in cooperation with TAFF experts.


InWEnt Capacity Building International

One of the German Centers of Excellence for international human resource development was the Training Center for Development Cooperation, InWEnt (formerly DSE, since 2011 GIZ). First as scientific coordinator (1997-1999), later as an independent consultant, the dialogue about best practice in preparation of technical and management personnel for international assignments continues.



Steinbeis is one of the world's most successful providers of knowledge and technology transfer. The approximately 1.000 companies in the Steinbeis network are technically specialized and offer research and development, consulting and expertise as well as training and further education for all fields of technology and management. Steinbeis HCD is currently developing a new ICT strategy to improve the communication of refugees and administrations in Europe.


Advising institutions and experts for the development of teaching materials takes both, educational and content-related principles under consideration. Especially for the Training of Trainers (ToT) and International Conflict & Communication Trainings (ICCT) LochTCR developed numerous classroom- ond online-materials for various clients.

Examples of different multi-media developments to be highlighted:



Case Studies on Local Finance Management (Indonesian & English)

In collaboration with authors from different universities and ministries in Indonesia, a series of facilitator manuals for case studies on local finance management was developed. Modern adult education, participatory teaching methods and state-of-the-art design are features of the series. (edited together with F. Zen, H. Handra & A. Prianto)


Interkult 1.0

An intercultural tool for self-learning from the early days of Web-based training: six hours of multimedia adapted scenarios of development cooperation with 24 videos, 18 topics on intercultural communication and a virtual Self-Assessment - Center. (with the assistance of D. Feibig, M. Priller).


Dokumentasaun (Tetum)

Over 40 hours of ethnographic material, in which East Timorese report how and why they use their independence to revive ancient rituals of reconciliation. The consulting project for the production of video CDs was conducted with the active participation of people in remote villages. At the end of the production communities received this documentation – as a training material for future generations who no longer knew how to perform the rituals, but how to use a video player ... (With the collaboration of A. Ribeiro, J. Lopez, C. da Costa, N. da Costa).



Materials for Psychology-Classes

An e-learning tool for the Arnold-Dannenmann Academy on topics of empirical psychology, learning and memory, personality and intelligence, emotion and motivation, stress and aggression, social psychology, developmental psychology, psychopathology and intervention.



Handlungskompetenz im internationalen Arbeitskontext (Competences for working international)

A manual and reference book for experts working overseas, written by Loch TCR in cooperation with the Consulting & Training Academy (CTA).



Landes-Informations Portal Osttimor (Country Information System on Timor-Leste)

The Training Centre for Development Cooperation (V-EZ) provides an unique information platform for developing countries in Germany. LochTCR created the Online- LIPortal Timor Leste  for Asia's least developed country and worked out specific (offline) materials on the geography, politics, macro-and micro-structure of East Timor for area study courses.