First compositions and arrangements by Alexander Loch (1994) can be found on the CD Mein Begehr und Wille of the Cologne medieval ensemble OSWALD (named after the minstrel “Oswald von Wolkenstein”). It is distributed by the publisher Verlag der Spielleute

This was followed a period of many concerts in castles and medieval banquets.
With the artist's name Alexandros von Antioch the German medieval scene in the early 90s associates ecstatic crowds learning the basic steps of the old dance "Traubentritt".

ARS AUDIENDI produced an intelligently conceptualized CD with the tale of Richmodis of Aducht - a woman who rose in the Middle Ages by a miracle from the dead. On the last track the "Lied der Richmodis" is interpreted by the hurdy-gurdy and accompanied by Claudia Immer.

In the Studio of Volker Bäcker ("the devil of the strings!") in Cologne a tribute to the blind Irish harpist, TURLOUGH O'CAROLAN was recorded. In his lifetime he had written melodies that not only charmed the ears of the 18th Century, but which are still perfectly suitable for drones instruments.

In the ensemble SURRADIAL hurdy-gurdy players from all over Germany joined to a kind of German National Orchestra of hurdy-gurdy-players testing out the musical range of the instrument to its extremes and combining it with elements of Dance Theater. However, the geographic distance smashed the idealism... - only occasional concert recordings remain.



Beyond the "existing cultures" - i.e. LochTCRs major focus - there are projects that actively "create culture" aside from training, consultancy & research. The contemporaneous encounter of (sub-) cultures is more than exciting: young musicians in East Timor again discover the old Kore-Metan music and totally new dance and music styles emerge out of traditional folk tunes. They  can be observed in places such as Carambals in Paris, the TFF in Rudolstadt or the Boombals in Belgium.

An open invitation to immerse  and co-compose!

With the support of the Goethe Institute LochTCR organized  a world music event in Southeast Asia and subsequently JOSTAL - Johannes Mayr, Stefan Emde & Alexander Loch - toured and performed together with local artists in Asia's newest country, Timor-Leste.

The project is described in the magazineFOLKER. PDF


Modern-Tradof the publishing house "Spielleute", inter alia the jig Grinsende Prinzessin PDF, the Blue Rose PDF and the Katja waltz PDF.

SOUND Samples

In Youtube you find various recordings from concerts of JOSTAL, SYLEX, BALBABATRUC et al with Alexander Loch performing the hurdy-gurdy. The following tunes were recorded recently in Paris:

Avallizantia - 5 step walz
Komposition: B. Letron
Arrangement Sylex, 2011

The deserter
Italian Folk
Arrangement: Sylex, 2011