Cultural projects


Even beyond geographic space and cultures, which are approachable by training, consultancy & research, "cultures" are also created, developed - and in transition. This is true for both, the tropics and at home. It is fascinating to observe, how young musicians in East Timor rediscover their  indigenous Kore-Metan Music or how contemporary dance- & music traditions are shaped and transformed in places such as the Carambal in Paris, the TFF in Rudolstadt or the Boombals in Belgium. A challenge to participate in the global concert!

First compositions and arrangements from Alexander Loch (1994) were recorded for the CD Mein Begehr und Wille by the medival ensemble OSWALD (a homage to famous troubadour "Oswald von Wolkenstein"). It is still available form Verlag der Spielleute publishers.
Currently, SALUT! is a hot trio performing with piano, hurdy-gurdy, violincello and clarinette. Press describes their music as a "modern triangulationen in the interplay of Folk, Tango & Improvisation". Highly danceable. Its Demo-CD "Bewegungslust" is available on request.
Sylex & Balbatruc have been two earlier ambitious projects in Paris. The CD "les trois premiers" meanwhile is out of stock.
Previously, in the late 90's,  Alexandros von Antiochia (stage name) performed in castles, banquets and medivial markets.  Spectators were animated to learn the famous "Traubentritt" (ancient dances to mash grapes  ...).
ARS AUDIENDI produced  a smart CD with the legend of Richmodis von Aducht - a woman who miraculously rose from the dead in the Middle Ages; on the last track the "Song of the Richmodis" is accompanied by hurdy gurdy and interpreted by Claudia Immer.
In the recording studio of Volker Bäcker ("the devil of the strings!") a hommage to the Irish harpist TURLOUGH O'CAROLAN was designed and produced. During his life in 18. century he had composed melodies, which fascinated not only his fellows but also 21st century bordun-musicians.
Hurdy gurdy players from all over Germany joined together to form a kind of "German hurdy gurdy national orchestre" in the 90's, bringing the musical spectrum of the instrument to extremes and combining it with elements of dance theater. But distance killed the idealism ... -  only occasional concert recordings remain of the ensemble SURRADIAL.



Up-to-date compositions from Alexander Loch are released in the series Modern-Trad of Verlag der Spielleute publishers, including "Die grinsende Prinzessin" (Jig) PDF, "Katja Walzer" PDF and "Blue Rose" PDF


Supported by the GOETHE Institute, LochTCR organized a Worldmusic-Workshop in East Timor, followed by a tour of JOSTAL and Asian artists.
The project is described in German magazine FOLKER.PDF

The BONNER BOEUF in the old winemaker house of Bonn Kessenich developed over the last years into a highly frequented exchange forum for contemporary folk music in Rhineland. Harps, accordions, bass, hurdy gurdy, saxophones, celli, flutes, bagpipes, etc. are always welcome! (join the private invitation list)


Salut! - the music video

During a winter-workretreat, new compositions were  sampled and our first short film produced.

Posted by SALUT on Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Leipziger Tanzhausfest 2017: Salut's Tango Interpretationen

Leipziger Tanzhausfest 2017: SALUT's Tango Interpretationen

Posted by SALUT on Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017


In Youtube are various recordings from concerts with  JOSTAL, SYLEX, BALBATRUC, SALUT!  Particularly recommended:

Pachetanique - 5er Walzer
omposition: Alexander Loch
Arrangement: Salut! (2015)

omposition: Unto Mononen
Arrangement: Salut! (2015 )

La Fronde & Poupette - Bourree
omposition: Tapage
Arrangement: Salut! (2015)

Muzike Mazurka
omposition: ZEF
Arrangement: Salut! (2015)

omposition: Thomas Kuhn
Arrangement: Salut! (2015)

Die grinsende Prinzessin
omposition: Alexander Loch
Arrangement: Salut! (2015)

Rosebud - Bourree with Tango-Elements

Composition: Isabel Pignol
Arrangement: Sylex (2011)

Avallizantia - Walz 5temps
Composition: Bruno Letron
Arrangement Sylex (2011 )

Deserteur - Walzer
Italian Traditional
Arrangement: Sylex (2011)