→ Born: 08/08/1968 in Stuttgart

→ Raised: Berlin, Frankfurt & Cologne

→ School (1974-1987): Pulheim

→ Apprenticeship as export trader (1987-1989): Cologne

→ University studies in psychology and anthropology (1989-1997): Universities of Cologne & Kathmandu

→ Ph.D. (2007): Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences at the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg

→ Employment (1997-2001): Adult education and international Organizational Development in Germany and Asia

→ Development worker (2002-2005): Head of Research & Development Unit at ICFP and country representative in East Timor

→ Capacitybuilding adviser & researcher (2006-2010): Developmental Cooperation, Research & Teaching in ASEAN region and France

→ Civil affairs officer in the peacekeeping mission of the United Nations in Haiti (2011)

→ Independent international adviser (2012-2015): in Asia, Africa and Europe

→ Professorship for Cross-cultural and Social Competences (since 2016): HVF Ludwigsburg

Key areas of expertise: International HR Development, Change Management, Leadership Development, Conflict Transformation, Impact Monitoring, Human Capacity Development (HCD), migration & integration.


→ Study of cultural anthropology at the University of Cologne

→ Lecturer at the Universities of Heidelberg, Münster & Passau

→ Visiting scholar at the Research School for Asian and Pacific Studies at the Australian National University

→ Dissertation on Psychosocial reconstruction in East Timor; Post-doc studies at the EHESS (Paris)

→ Research, study and work in Australia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malawi, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Thailand und Vietnam

→ OSCE election observer to Armenia & Macedonia; Civil Affairs in Haiti

→ Establishment of a university institution for the documentation of indigenous knowledge in West Papua

→ Facilitation of high-level consulting processes in Southeast Asia

→ Intercultural sensitization for administrations and refugees

→ Conference organization in the German network for migration research

Key areas of expertise: Social cohesion & inclusion, psychosocial reconstruction, indigenous knowledge, ethnomedicine, cultural psychology, development cooperation, nationbuilding, cultural change, diversity management, poverty reduction, (re)integration management.


→ Psychologist (MA) with specialisation in cross-cultural, economical & clinical psychology

→ DFG-funded scholar of the Graduiertenkolleg Clinical Emotion Research

→ several years of project management in the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ / DSE / InWEnt)

→ Psychology lecturer at the Arnold Dannenmann Academy

→ Client centered psychotherapy training & license as non medical practitioner

→ Initiator of the psychological professional association in East Timor

→ Conference organization in the International Association for Cross Cultural Psychology

→ Teaching assignments at the Universities of Heidelberg, Münster & Kehl

→ Appraiser and organizational consultant in five countries

→ Coaching of executives and key facilitators of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance

→ Keynote speaker on intercultural communication topics; Leadership development at Bundeswehr and the World Bank

→ Module coordinator "Psychology" for the program "Public Management" (HVF)

→ Psychosocial counseling for refugees

→ External expert for university accreditation

→ Head of the Steinbeis Institute 'Human Capacity Development'

Key areas of expertise:  Intercultural communication & international management, HCD, social competence development, identity, intervention, globalization, evaluation & methodology.


→ Favorite activity: Long-distance hiking

→ Favorite food: carp - in Polish beer sauce

→ Favorite author: Nigel Barley

Prominent insight: lain desa - lain adat, lain sawah - lain belalang (Indonesian: another village, different customs - another rice field, different grasshoppers)