International competence is pivotal for an export-oriented economy, for modern development cooperation and for multicultural coexistence. In times of increasing global interdependence it has become a permanent challenge affecting almost all professional fields and biographies.

The competence to respond constructively to cultural diversity and "somehow different " patterns of thinking is not only required for working in foreign countries but also for professionals whose domestic environment is becoming increasingly internationalized.

LochTCR offers
→ 20 years cross-cultural experience in over 25 countries
→ Customized seminar design due to an unique database consisting of modifiable critical incidents and video scenarios of real intercultural situations for managers, development workers, authorities dealing with migrants, psycho-trauma therapist, exchange students, etc.
→ Established regional network of foreign coaches and trainers, ready for intercultural team-teaching
→ Development of customized multi-language training materials for specific contexts on demand
→ Continuous research and teaching on the subject at international universities.



If you want to develop the "capacity" of individuals, organizations and systems,  a detailed need analysis of learning requirements, structures and contexts is in most cases essential. What brings things foreword is not "another workshop", but the right mix of HCD interventions.

Three examples:
After an in depth HCD-study in Indonesia (GIZ 2012) we implemented a tailor-made management training for key (forestry) actors in the framework of a climate change program.

Facilitators and lecturers in Good Governance projects in eastern Africa, required very different HCD measures for their audiences. Various training courses locally were already carried out - however with limited impact. Contentwise, everything was well established, however  the methodology turned out to be suboptimal. State of the art adult education was the challenge here, a series of training of trainers in participatory teaching approaches was finally conducted. (InWEnt 2010)

Comparable experiences were made with leaders in East Timor (World Bank 2008), Civil Affairs specialists in Haiti (UN, 2011) and the development of a capacity-building roadmap for the Indonesian Ministry of Finance (MOF, 2012): At the beginning unspecific "training-needs" are articulated; from this entry point suitable interventions must be elaborated in which responsible adult learners reflect current patterns, create new options for action and co-construct alternatives with their learning peers.

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Download Video-Documentation of a Training of Trainers

LochTCR offers

→ 20 years of experience in Human Capacity Development, adult education, facilitation, team building, training and academic teaching in Europe and Asia
→ "Tailor-made" training design through modular combined training units. In addition to the provision of basic participatory tools to design effective training, LochTCR always emphasizes practical excercises on how to apply modern methods.
→ Creation of multilingual training materials for the application in international and specific contexts. On request a copy of the InWEnt standard manual on training methodology (Loch 2010) is available in English and Indonesian.
→ HCD analysis and strategy development on demand for international projects