International competence is pivotal for an export-oriented economy, for modern development cooperation and for multicultural ways of life. In times of increasing global interdependence it has become a permanent challenge affecting almost all professional fields and biographies.The competence to respond constructively to cultural diversity and "somehow different " patterns of thinking is not only required for working in foreign countries but also for professionals whose domestic environment is becoming increasingly internationalized.


Talking with refugees, not just about them. In this special format of intercultural training, learners become teachers: In joint learning journeys together with refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and African countries of origin, the aim is to mutually sharpen the eye for intercultural challenges, to take on changing perspectives and to test them in real contact settings.

LochTCR offers
→ 20 years of experience  in Human Capacity Development, facilitation, teambuilding, leadership-trainings, coaching & ToTs  in over 25 countries
→ HCD analysis and strategy development for international projects
→ Customized seminar design due to an unique database consisting of modifiable critical incidents and video scenarios of real intercultural situations for managers, development workers, authorities dealing with migrants, psycho-trauma therapists, exchange students, international delegations etc.
→ Development of customized multi-language training materials for agile contexts on demand
→ Established network of foreign facilitators and trainers, ready for intercultural team-teaching
→ Continuous research and teaching on cross-cultural subjects at international universities.


Developing the "capacities" of individuals, organizations and systems requires an in-depth analysis of (learning) needs, structures and contexts. Instead of simply "another workshop", in most cases a professional HCD-mix responds best to the actual needs. LochTCR specializes in "tailor made trainings", which are offered since 2017 in cooperation with the Steinbeis network.

Some examples: As a result of a detailed HCD-analysis, conducted by LochTCR with GIZ in Indonesia, we designed and implemented tailor-made development management trainings with key players for environment protection in the Indonesian forestry management system.

Lecturers in good governance projects in eastern Africa complained that in their courses participants' motivation was permanently low. The courses needed to be methodically optimized. State of the art adult education was the key in this particular context, training of trainers in modern methodology (TOT) the agreed format (InWEnt 2010).
Human Resources managers from the Presidential Office in Timor Leste articulated the desire to develop a modern HR development strategy and network internationally; LochTCR together with experts from the German BaKöV and the presidential office in Berlin developed "capacities to build capacities" (CC 2015).

A similar approach was chosen in cooperation with civil affairs specialists in Haiti (UN, 2011), the development of a Capacity Building Roadmap for the Indonesian Ministry of Finance (MOF, 2012), leadership development in East Timor (World Bank 2008), a Capacity Works analysis in India (IGEN, 2014) and the method qualification for moderators in Azerbaijan (GIZ, 2014): Initially "training needs" are articulated - next, appropriate measures have to be designed so that adult learners reflect previous patterns and explore new ways co-constructing alternatives approaches for their partners/clients.