”Develo­ping” people and organi­sa­tions in inter­na­tional contexts requires more than a few seminar days. Sustainable capacity develo­p­ment with actors in the field of develo­p­ment coope­ra­tion, migra­tion and integra­tion  can be best achieved with a multi-level approach that takes into account indivi­dual, insti­tu­tional and systemic characteristics.

Over the last 20 years, consul­ting projects in the field of inter­na­tional human resource develo­p­ment & policy advice have been imple­mented in Germany, France, India, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Nepal, East Timor, Afgha­ni­stan, Mozam­bique and Haiti with the follo­wing partners and clients:

STEINBEIS Beratungszentrum HCD


Stein­beis is one of the world’s most successful service provi­ders in knowledge and techno­logy transfer. The appro­xi­m­ately 1,000 compa­nies in the Stein­beis Network are highly specia­lized and offer research and develo­p­ment, consul­ting and exper­tise as well as training and conti­nuing educa­tion for all fields of techno­logy and manage­ment. Stein­beis HCD with its partners is currently develo­ping a new ICT & AI strategy to improve the commu­ni­ca­tion of refugees and adminis­tra­tions in Europe.

German Society for International Cooperation

Logo GIZ

Decen­tra­li­sa­tion in Indonesia requires the quali­fi­ca­tion of multi­pliers in the local finan­cial manage­ment system. For several years we were respon­sible for capacity building on site with the central actors at seven training insti­tutes (inclu­ding coaching, concept develo­p­ment and high poten­tial promo­tion). In India, capacity works were carried out to support the develo­p­ment of strate­gies for the Indo-German Energy Programme; in Azerbaijan, local staff were metho­di­cally trained for parti­ci­pa­tory work with Environ­mental Educa­tion Centres.

World Bank

logo Weltbank

As Senior Project Manager of the ”Leader­ship & Commu­ni­ca­tion” program (LCCNR), I organized  dialogue processes between old and future East Timorese leaders.

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

logo Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung

On behalf of the German BMZ and in conside­ra­tion of political develo­p­ments in the ASEAN region, a fact-finding mission of various develo­p­mental organi­sa­tions was sent to East Timor in 2010 to provide compre­hen­sive advice; (survey design, dialogue on the ground, prepa­ra­tion of a compre­hen­sive study).


logo Bundeswehr

The high relevance of the topic of ”ethni­city, religion and cultural environ­ment” for missions — not only in Afgha­ni­stan — was recognized in manage­ment courses of the Bundes­wehr Training Center (BiZBW). Both inter­cul­tural coaching after retur­ning home and antici­pa­tory discus­sion of possible conflict constel­la­tions play an important role. Imple­mented together with Pakistani experts from Kultur­dialog in Berlin & Bonn.

United Nations

logo Vereinte Nationen

Respon­sible for Civil Affairs in the United Nations Stabi­liza­tion Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), the focus was on conflict manage­ment and the recon­s­truc­tion of a functio­ning state — which is unthinkable without the develo­p­ment of its multi-national human resources.

Ministry of Finance of Indonesia

logo Finanzministerium Indonesiens

A strategy for the sustainable quali­fi­ca­tion and standar­di­s­a­tion of the local finan­cial educa­tion system had to be developed. This was achieved in coope­ra­tion with the Indone­sian Ministry of Finance, the German Society for Inter­na­tional Coope­ra­tion, and numerous inter­na­tional experts under the leader­ship of LochTCR.

Office of the President of East Timor

logo Präsidialamt Osttimors

After setting up a Human Resource Infor­ma­tion System (HRIS) and a syste­matic employee survey, LochTCR developed a compe­tence model and a modern HR strategy together with the HR depart­ment of the presi­den­tial office, focusing on cultu­rally appro­priate perfor­mance incen­tive systems and sustainable training practices.

GFA Consulting Group

logo GFA Consulting Group

Good econo­mists are by no means automa­ti­cally good media­tors of academic know-how for practice. The consul­ting of scien­tists and lectu­rers in Indonesia was about the inter­face of content & metho­do­logy for the imple­men­ta­tion of new GFA modules.

Center for Endangered Languages Documentation/Max-Planck Institut/Volkswagenstiftung

logo Center for Endangered Languages Documentation

In the Indone­sian part of Papua there are over 200 endan­gered languages and cultures. Follo­wing a feasi­bi­lity study on the island of Yapen, we worked with Indone­sian and inter­na­tional resear­chers on a concept for sustainable documen­ta­tion work with local teachers, students and resear­chers. After successful acqui­si­tion of external funding, a Center for Endan­gered Languages Documen­ta­tion was estab­lished at the state univer­sity UNIPA.

Instituto Cathólico para Formaçao de Professores

logo Instituto Cathólico para Formaçao de Professores

The years 2002–2005 were dedicated to the recon­s­truc­tion of the small island of East Timor. After the indepen­dence of the state, there was a nation­wide lack of quali­fied teachers and, as a result, German develo­p­ment aid organi­sa­tions were substan­ti­ally under­staffed in their training and further training.


logo Sky Charts

At Lufthansa Service Holding AG, ”quality”, ”hygiene” and ”service” are written in capital letters. However, by no means are the ideas about these key factors the same every­where in the world. Cabin crews as well as top managers need specific knowledge when dealing with custo­mers from the Arab world. LochTCR worked together with Cross-Cultures in Cologne.

Diakonie Bayern

logo Diakonie Bayern

Conflicts in shelters for refugees are becoming incre­asingly frequent. In a consul­tancy project with the Bavarian Social Welfare Agency (Diakonie Bayern), a concept for cultu­rally sensi­tive streng­thening of de-escala­tion strate­gies was developed.

InWEnt Capacity Building International

logoInWEnt Capacity Building International

One of the German Centres of Excel­lence for inter­na­tional human resources develo­p­ment is undoub­tedly InWEnt’s training centre for develo­p­ment coope­ra­tion (formerly DSE, since 2011 GIZ-AIZ). First as a resear­cher, later as an indepen­dent consul­tant, the conti­nuous dialogue on concepts for inter­na­tional action compe­tence and prepa­ra­tion of specia­lists and execu­tives was carried out — and sustain­ably continues.


Advice on the develo­p­ment of teaching materials is guided by didactic and content princi­ples. Over the years, we developed a pool of diffe­rent teaching and learning materials for various clients, especi­ally for the Trainings of Trainers (TOT) and  inter­na­tional conflict & commu­ni­ca­tion inter­ven­tions. Examples:

Fallstudien zum Lokalen Finanzmanagement

Case studies on local financial management
(Indonesian & English)

In coope­ra­tion with authors from various univer­si­ties and minis­tries in Indonesia, a series of facili­tator manuals for case studies on local finan­cial manage­ment was developed. Modern adult educa­tion, parti­ci­pa­tory teaching design and alter­na­tive methods charac­te­rize the series. (published together with F. Zen, H. Handra, A. Loch, A Prianto)

Interkult 1.0

Interkult 1.0

An inter­cul­tural self-learning material from the early days of web-based training: six hours of multi­media-based scena­rios of develo­p­ment coope­ra­tion with 24 videos, 18 thematic complexes on inter­cul­tural commu­ni­ca­tion and a virtual self-assess­ment centre. (colla­bo­ra­tion of D. Feibig, M. Priller and a team of 50 others)

Dokumentasaun (Tetum)

Dokumentasaun (Tetum)

Over 40 hours of ethno­gra­phic material in which East Timorese tell how and why they use their newly acquired indepen­dence to revive old recon­ci­lia­tion rituals. The consul­ting project for the realiza­tion of video CDs was carried out with the active parti­ci­pa­tion of the people in the villages. At the end of the produc­tion, they received the documen­ta­tion — as a kind of teaching material for future genera­tions, who no longer know the rituals, but know how to operate video players … (colla­bo­ra­tion of A. Ribeiro, J. Lopez, C. da Costa, N. da Costa)

Materialen zum Psychologieunterricht

Materials for teaching psychology

An e‑learning develo­p­ment for the Arnold-Dannen­mann-Academy of the CJD on the topics Empirical Psycho­logy, Schools of Psycho­logy, Learning & Memory, Perso­na­lity & Intel­li­gence, Emotion & Motiva­tion, Stress & Aggres­sion, Social Psycho­logy, Develo­p­mental Psycho­logy, Psycho­pa­tho­logy & Intervention.

 Handlungskompetenz im internationalen Arbeitskontext

Cross-Cultural competence in the international work context

A standard work on inter­cul­tural orien­ta­tion and cross-cultural compe­tence was written by me in coope­ra­tion with the Consul­ting & Training Academy (CTA) for German experts and managers who prepare for work in emerging and develo­ping count­ries in the training centre for develo­p­ment cooperation.

Landes-Informations Portal Osttimor

Country Information Portal East Timor

The V‑EZ (today: GIZ-AIZ) maintains an infor­ma­tion portal for develo­ping count­ries that is unique in Germany. LochTCR created the first online LIPortal East Timor for Asia’s least developed country, Timor-Leste, and further developed specific (offline) materials on the geography, politics, macro- and micros­truc­ture of East Timor for regional studies.