Beyond the geogra­phi­cally localised culture(s), which are adressed  in training, consul­tancy & research, « culture » is also created, developed — and changes. In the tropics and in this country. It is fasci­na­ting to observe how young musicians in East Timor redis­cover the old Kore-Metan music or how new dance & music tradi­tions are formed at the Caram­bals in Paris, the TFF in Rudol­stadt or the Boombals in Belgium. This invites to join the global concert.

OswaldFirst compo­si­tions and arran­ge­ments by Alexander Loch (1994) can be found on the CD Mein Begehr und Wille by the Cologne medieval ensemble OSWALD (named after the minne­singer « Oswald von Wolken­stein »). It is distri­buted by Verlag der Spielleute.

With SALUT! modern trian­gu­la­tions between folk, tango & impro­vi­sa­tion are currently created on piano, hurdy-gurdy, clarinet and violin/cello. Highly dance­able. The Demo-CD « Bewegungs­lust » is avail­able on request.

Sylex & BalbatrucSylex & Balbatruc were two ambitious projects of the Paris phase. The CD « les trois premiers » is already sold out.

Alexandros von AntiochiaIn the nineties there was an epoch of numerous perfor­mances in castles, palaces and at banquets. the German medieval scene associated the stage name « Alexan­dros of Antioch » with the crowds of specta­tors, learning the basic steps of the old dance « Trauben­tritt » …

ARS AUDIENDIARS AUDIENDIARS AUDIENDI produced an intel­li­gently designed CD with the saga of the Richmodis of Aducht — the woman who miracu­lously rose from the dead in the Middle Ages. The last track is th « Song of the Richmodis » — accom­pa­nied by my hurdy-gurdy and inter­preted by Claudia Immer.

TURLOUGH O'CAROLANIn the studio of Volker Bäcker (« the Satan of strings! ») a homage to the blind Irish harpist, TURLOUGH O’CAROLAN, was created in Cologne. During his lifetime he had written melodies that not only delighted the ears of the 18th century, but that are still perfectly suited for bordun instru­ments today.

SURRADIALIn the 90s, hurdy-gurdy players from all over Germany joined together in the Ensemble SURRADIAL to form a kind of « hurdy-gurdy national orchestra » in order to take the musical range of the instru­ment to the extreme and combine it with elements of dance theatre. But distance killed the idealism… only occasional concert record­ings remained.


Salut! — das Musikvideo

Ein Winter-Workretreat, neue Kompo­si­tionen für die nächsten Bälle und unser erster profes­sio­neller Kurzfilm

Gepostet von SALUT am Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

Leipziger Tanzhaus­fest 2017: Salut’s Tango Interpretationen

Leipziger Tanzhaus­fest 2017: SALUT’s Tango Interpretationen

Gepostet von SALUT am Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017


More recent compo­si­tions by Alexander Loch are published in the series Modern-Trad by Verlag der Spiel­leute, inclu­ding « Die grinsende Prinzessin » (Jig) Download, the « Katja Walzer » Download and « Blue Rose » Download.


„Pache­ta­nique – 5er Walzer“ 
Kompo­si­tion: Alexander Loch
Arran­ge­ment: Salut! (2015)

Kompo­si­tion: Unto Mononen
Arran­ge­ment: Salut! (2015)

La Fronde & Poupette — Bourree
Kompo­si­tion: Tapage
Arran­ge­ment: Salut! (2015)

Muzike Mazurka
Kompo­si­tion: ZEF
Arran­ge­ment: Salut! (2015)

Kompo­si­tion: Thomas Kuhn
Arran­ge­ment: Salut! (2015)

Die grinsende Prinzessin
Kompo­si­tion: Alexander Loch
Arran­ge­ment: Salut! (2015)

Rosebud — Bourree mit Tango-Elementen
Kompo­si­tion: Isabel Pignol
Arran­ge­ment: Sylex (2011)

Avalliz­antia — Walz 5temps
Kompo­si­tion: Bruno Letron
Arran­ge­ment Sylex (2011 )

Deser­teur — Walzer
italie­ni­scher Folk
Arran­ge­ment: Sylex (2011)


With the support of the GOETHE Insti­tute, we organized a world music workshop in East Timor followed by a tour of JOSTAL and Asian artists.
The project is described in FOLKER. Polka-unter-Palmen

Since several years the private event « BONNER BOEUF » in the oldes house of Bonn (Kesse­nich) developed into a highly frequented exchange forum for contem­porary folk music o in the area. Anyone who plays harp, accor­dion, bass, hurdy-gurdy, saxophone, cello, flute, bagpipes, etc. is always welcome! (Subscrip­tion on the private invita­tion list)